Doosan has been manufacturing since 1958 diesel engines.  The production facility in Incheon, Korea was taken into use for the production of diesel engines under license from MAN in 1975. Four years later came the license construction of ISUZU. In addition, Doosan started  in 1998  to produce gas engines. Doosan has 3 locations in Korea: a production facility, 2 foundries in Incheon and a research and design department in Kunsan. The company has steadily expanded based on the acquired knowledge of technological developments and by continuous investment in the field of new developments. Doosan currently produces 84 standard models under the 1,200 hp. production facility in Incheon has an annual capacity of 20,000 small motors, 24,000 medium-sized engines, 12,000 large engines and 8,000 marine engines. The foundries in Incheon and Jinheung have a combined annual capacity of 60,000 tonnes.

The Doosan diesel engines are in 2 main groups with below sub-groups:

Industry engines

  •  Generator Set Engines
  •  Power Unit Engines

Marine engines

  • Propulsion Engines
  • Marine Auxiliary Engines 


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