Lister Petter

Lister Petter is located in Gloucestershire in England with operations in the USA, France, South Africa and India plus a worldwide distributor network.

The company was founded in 1867 and has a long history of producing advanced diesel and gas-powered engines for a wide variety of applications consistently setting the standard in innovation, quality and reliability.

The company began by producing agricultural implements, changing direction around 1890 to become mainly concerned with the production of the Dursley Pedersen cycling and dairy equipment.

In 1929 the company started to produce gasoline engines, followed by diesel engines. Today Lister-Petter produces and develops diesel and gas-powered engine for a wide range of applications from farms to communication stations, setting a standard in innovation, quality and reliability.

With many millions of engines built, the range of uses and locations around the world where Lister Petter units can be seen are remarkable. The heart of this success is the continued focus on producing products that surpass customer expectations with the emphasis on flexible design and reliable operation.

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